Furnace – Blower Fan Belt | Repair and Replace

[Music] hello i’m Vance and welcome to repair and substitute belt driven blower fans are rather long-established in older furnaces because these belts rely on friction they’ll put on down over time with common use in case your belt is noisy cracked or in rough form then it can be nice to get a brand new one in this episode i will exhibit you how to change the v-belt how one can discover a suit and tips on how to adjust the belt tension to you would want a socket wrench or nut driver an adjustable wrench and a soft measuring tape continually be risk-free disconnect the power and switch off the gas to your furnace now eliminate the blower quilt you will have to see the motor installed in entrance of the blower meeting in some cases you would ought to cast off the blower to have enough room to work disconnect the motor wires eliminate the mounting screws then the assembly out to access the belt you’ll ought to lessen the tension turn the adjustment screw until the belts becomes unfastened now remove the belt to find a alternative belt simply in shape the code on the part in case you don’t see a code then you’ll be able to must do some measurements first measure the highest width next measure the depth now use a delicate tape measure to measure the external circumference of the belt then again you should use a piece of string to wrap around the belt then measure the string your furnace will likely use a fractional horsepower or FHP belt these are identified by the prefixes three L 4 L and 5 L now for the length these belts are measured by using the external circumference for example a 4 L 360 belt is a 1/2 inch large mild duty belt with an external circumference of 36 inches some belts will use the classical designation and are recognized by means of the prefixes a B and C classical belts are measured via the within circumference this means an a 34 belt is a 1/2 inch vast and may have an outside circumference of 36 inches location the brand new on the pulley wheels flip the adjustment screw except the belt tightens you need the belt to be tight enough that it is not going to slip but not too tight considering the fact that this may increasingly curb the lifetime of the belt to determine the anxiety push down on the belt adjust the screw except there’s half of to 3/four inch deflection now determine the alignment with a straightedge and regulate the pulley if crucial subsequent slide the blower assembly back into location then tighten the mounting screws subsequent reconnect the motor now exchange the cover reconnect the vigour and turn on the gas sooner or later test your furnace to see that it’s jogging usually if you preferred this and wish to see extra tutorials and informational movies then subscribe to our Channel and if you need support you can call or visit our particularly area to talk with our knowledgeable staff thanks for looking at you