Furnace – Limit Switch | Repair and Replace

Hi, i’m Vance and welcome back to repair and substitute. I will show you tips on how to substitute thelimit switch in a gasoline furnace. The limit change monitors the temperatureof the air passing over the heat exchanger. And can shut off the furnaceif the system overheats. Any restrict of the air go with the flow could purpose the heat exchanger to overheat. This is why it can be fundamental to exchange the furnace filter each three to 6 months. If the blower fan continues to run or if the blower fan cycles on and off, then the limits which perhaps erroneous. To start you’ll need a limit swap, screwdriver or nut driver and a multi-meter. Be conscious that there aren’t any returns orrefunds on electronic objects once hooked up. So, you may also need to consult a trainedprofessional before purchasing. When working in your furnace alwaysshut off the energy and close the gas valve. Eliminate the highest duvet panel. Many furnaces use a push lock or twist lock, some furnaces will require a screwdriver or socket wrench. The restrict swap is located on the facet of the housing.First disconnect the wires, Now unscrew and dispose of the restrict swap. Take the multi-meter and set it to the bottom Ohms of resistance. Now touch the probes to each terminal. If the switch has continuity then the multi-meter will show zero Ohms. If the swap is open or erroneous then the multi-meter will show infinite resistance, If there is not any continuity then replace the limit swap. Now even though a restrict switch has continuity. It would not invariably imply that it is functioning properly. Many times limit switches can stir chopping out early andmight in advance shut down the furnace. Install the brand new restrict switchand comfortable it into place. Subsequent connect the wires. Now change the upper duvet. Next open the gasoline valve. Now turn on the power to your furnace. The furnace will have to be running almost always. If you are nonetheless uncertain what’s causing the quandary to your furnace, Then watch our troubleshooting advisor for a step-by way of-step breakdown. And there is a hyperlink to this within the description under. When you found this video useful then Subscribe to our Channel. We’re continuously filming new content material per week, so tell us what repairs you want to look subsequent.And if you need a part for that restore then discuss with our internet site. We stock 1000s of tough-to-to find components,and we are going to ship it out to you the identical day. Thanks for watching!.