Whirlpool Dryer Replace Thermostat & Thermal Fuse #279816

Repair medical institution encourages you to performthis system safely in this video we will exhibit one or moreof these icons to provide you with a warning when to make use of caution as with every repair be certain you could have unpluggedthe appliance earlier than beginning your first step is to take away the backpanel disconnect the wire from the old highlimit thermostat then detach the thermostat from theheating element terminal subsequent disconnect the wires to the oldthermal fuse and get rid of the mounting screw to release the fuse itself you’re now capable to install the new highlimit thermostat infuse role the brand new thermostat and secureit with the two screws reconnect the wire to the highest terminalon the thermostat and use the supplied jumper wire toconnect the thermostat to the heating element next set up the brand new thermal fuse bysecuring it with the mounting screw and reconnect the wires exchange the again panel and plug the application again in to makesure it is functioning properly.