Furnace – How to Relight a Pilot Light | Repair and Replace

Hi, i am Vance and welcome to restore and substitute! If your furnace was once established earlier than 1990,then it’s doubtless a Standing Pilot furnace. Pilot lights are small flamesthat burn continuously and will ignite the main burner when heat is needed. Today i will show you how you can establish and relightthe pilot, in case it ever goes out. To search out the pilot light, comply with the gasoline lineinto your furnace. On the gas valve there must be a switchthat suggests: on, pilot and off.If the gas valve simplest says On or off, thenyou have an automated ignition method. The small tube that comes out of the fuel valvewill lead into the burner. This is the pilot light. Subsequent to the pilot is the thermocouple. The Thermocouple is a defense device that monitorsthe pilot light. When heated, it creates voltage and opensthe fuel valve only when its reliable to burn. With out the flame thethermocouple will quiet down, voltage will drop and the fuel valve will close. In case your pilot mild is not burning, its bestto be secure. Check the function of your gas control. Set the change to off. Now let the furnace air out for 5 minutes,and ensure that it has time to cool down. Be shrewd. Should you odor gas, then closethe gasoline line and ventilate the subject. In case you are unsure, or you suspect a gas leak,immediately name a authentic. First set the fuel valve to the pilot function.Maintain down the skip button to let gas intothe pilot. Hold holding the button and use a BBQ lighterto insert a flame over the pilot meeting. As soon as the pilot gentle is ignited, continueto preserve the skip button for one other 30 seconds to letthe thermocouple warmness up. This may preserve the flame burning. Next set the fuel valve to the on function. Now set your thermostat to warmth. The furnace must be going for walks generally. If the pilot gentle maintains extinguishing, thenit maybe a difficulty with the thermocouple. When the thermocouple fails or ifit gets dirty, it’s going to shut off the gasoline andthe pilot gentle will exit.You will discover easy methods to easy and replace the thermocouplein the video linked beneath. In case you favored this and wish to see more tutorials and informational videos, then subscribe toour channel. And if you need support, you can call or visitan AMRE region to talk with our educated employees. Thanks for staring at..