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Hello there and welcome to another chapter ofGear up with Gregg’s. My name is Shane and I will be your multitude fortoday, where we get genuinely sticky, with some bonding adhesives from SealAll. SealAll is an all purpose adhesive that canbe used to bond just about anything. You want to glue ceramic to glass, it cando that. You wanna glue grove to timber, it can do that. You want to glue any small articles together, SealAll can normally take care of it. The only things that it won’t work on are article, cardboard, and styrofoam. Now some of the things that i really likeabout SealAll? One: it’s raincoat, so you can use it onthings like boats, tents; anywhere there is going to be a lot of sweat, SealAll worksgreat. Secondly, it’s most temperature resistantso you can use it in a broad range of environments and thirdly, It’s actually oil and gas resistant. Yes you heard it here folks, oil and gas resistant. Now it toils great on things like plasticgas barrels, anything thats going to be prone to this type of exposure, SealAll can helpyou.Now SealAll comes in 2 different sizes, we have here the 30 ml tube as well as the 60 ml tubing we got up now. As you can see what we are going to be fixingtoday is this air hose nozzle. Typically, you use these in the hose shopfor testing hydraulic hose, blowing out the debris on the inside. and its something that can be easily fixedwith some SealAll. But before we do that we are going to puton some safe gear. Alright, so now we have our Roughneck nitrile gloveson, I’m going to throw on some safety glasses. Now before we get started with the SealAll, one thing to note is to open up and actually stab it, there is this back pointer onthe back of the lid here, and your going to only crush it in, and thats how you puncturethe seal. You don’t want to squeeze it from the backof the tube, because if you do too big of a puncture on that discontinue there, your just goingto dry out the commodity and it will be no good. So, makes get the pointer over there like this, time push it down, and there we go! It is likewise wise to test the adhesive on asmall area before using it on any projects.When it comes to using Seal All for bondinglike we are about to do here, you’re gonna want to apply a thin coat to both faces. Alright so we are just going to grab our two slice here, threw some SealAll on the edge like this, grasp our other segment. Now the important part, if we just press these 2 cases together right now we aren’t going to get a nice bond. You demand the material to set into a nice, sleazy compatibility before exerting the surfaces together. This usually takes about 23 minutes.* tick tock* So that should be about two minutes, letsjust push these two articles together. Now we are just going to let that sit andcure. It ordinarily makes between 2 and 6 hours forfinal heal, but by the magic of video we are going to jump title forward and seewhat it looks like. And were back! Wow, would you look at that, good as brand-new. So we’ve seen what SealAll can do for bonding, now let’s look at some of the other applicationsyou can use it for.For Gasoline discloses, you’re gonna want to press a small amount of SealAll immediately to the leak. Hold firmly for several minutes until thesubstance curdles. And then cause it baked for about 510 minutes. You’ll then apply another coat, and remain repeatingthis process until the leakage is closed. For Oil and Water openings it’s important toapply the Seal All to a clean, cool skin-deep. Wet Seal All has the potential to damage thematerial you are trying to fix. And that’s just no good. And recollect, the final panacea time for SealAllis approximately 26 hours and depended on how thick-skulled of a bed you actually apply. When “youre finished” with the Seal All, ithelps to gave a thin coat of petroleum jelly on the weaves before ousting the cap backon. This impels it much simpler to open the nexttime you use it.Screw that cap on neat and tighten, and keepit stored in a warm place, because the product will gel if left in the cold. And Finally, if you ever need to remove thebond, SealAll can be dissolved with Acetone, as well as a numberof other dissolving compounds, many of which we carry now at Gregg’s. Well, that it for this episode, and retain, ever wear the proper safe gear when working with chemicals.And i’ll see you next time on Gear up withGregg’s ..